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SportPesa Kenya

When we talk about the online gambling that is available today, it is natural to state that it is vast and versatile. You can find a betting provider that will not only be to your liking but will also satisfy the requirements of the industry. However, at the very same time, you should pay attention to the reputation the service earned. To help you out a little, we are going to present to your attention a complete review of such a relatively new player on the scene as www sportpesa com.

It should be stated that Sportpesa was founded in Kenya in 2014. As time passes, SportPesa has trotted its way to the international market, and it needs to be admitted that it turns out to be more than successful in that. The operator is especially popular in the UK market, and it also holds the UK Gambling Commission’s license, which proves the fact that Sportpesa is worthy of your trust and consideration.


Games Range

It does not matter if you are a regular or beginning player – it means a lot what types of games a casino has on offer. Truth be told, when compared to some other casinos, SportPesa games today not seem that impressive. Other vendors often suggest a greater number of games to play. However, it should be noted that Sportpesa is interested in the highest quality of bets on offer rat

ratingher than its number.

Traditionally, there are slots to gamble, some table games, live casino options, and also sports betting. If you think about it, that seems pretty enough for both experienced players and beginning

ones, especially if you consider their stakes and SportPesa jackpot predictions. The SportPesa jackpot results are more than attractive, and the jackpots are quite simple to win. All you need is a tiny bit of skill, and the rest will be achieved with mere luck. Once you check the SportPesa mega jackpot results, you will surely make up your mind to participate and head for the win.

If you are a sports fan, SportPesa has lots of options for you to benefit from. You can bet on any kind of sport you are particularly interested in. In fact, anything on the scale from football to surfing and bandy is covered. You can make pre-match and also in-play bets with SportPesa too. We should clarify the fact that not only larger leagues are presented by SportPesa, but minor ones as well. To sum it up, there are 122 leagues to bet on, so you will surely find the particular one you are most interested in.

Sportpesa Website Navigation

Very often, it happens so that a review lists all those things you would expect from a betting vendor, but when you go to the site, you can barely figure out how to navigate it. For a long while, www sportpesa could have been referred to this category. However, SportPesa was updated so that these days, it is user-oriented and informational. It should be pointed out additionally that the layout is anything but overwhelming. This is certainly a good thing since, at times, it is easy to get lost in all the kaleidoscope of offers, especially the ones you have no interest in.

These days, many casinos come up with either Android or iOS application, and Sportpesa is clearly not an exception. If you wish to gamble while on-the-go, there will be no issue with that. We will pay closer attention to mobile gaming as we move on.

The SportPesa today games service is run by over 500 employees, which seems like a significant improvement taking into consideration that it all started with just 10 team members. This can only mean that casino founders paid lots of attention to the details and worked hard to gain such popularity and reputation.

SportPesa Kenya

You may fail to know that football is extremely popular in Kenya. That is why Kenyan people bet on this sport type in the majority of cases. The very detail that SportPesa offers the best odds on this sport makes it one of the highly requested vendors in the whole country. However, this does not mean that SportPesa is less popular in other parts of the globe. Starting from the date of foundation, that is 2014, SportPesa has gained its popularity in the native country and then conquered a bunch of countries away from its borders.

Even though SportPesa holds a British license, it offers quality games to Kenyans too. So, if you choose to join this operator, you should expect the same level of service as well as security no matter the country you are betting from. Meanwhile, before you choose to start with SportPesa, you should also ensure that your country is not on their restricted countries list. Truth be told, the list is quite extensive, and that proves the safety policy of the gambling vendor.

SportPesa Login and Registration

It goes without saying that in order to reap most of the opportunities, you should create a SportPesa account in the first place. To tell the truth, you can avail of for free while playing slots. However, real bets require funds, and SportPesa registration is a must. In the vast majority of cases, there is a one-for-all type of registration, but in the case with SportPesa, you can choose between two types. You can register online, and the process is common:


  • Visit the website.
  • Choose the ‘Join now’ option.
  • Fill out a simple form (personal details are required due to numerous reasons, so you should better be ready to share your personal information with the vendor).

We have stated it that there are two registration types. There is a peculiar form for bettors from Kenya. It differs in that way that instead of a username, a phone number is provided. You can’t do it any other way since a confirmation SMS needs to be sent to your phone number. The fact is that the international form requires a phone number to be provided as well, so it shouldn’t be a great deal to comply with.

The www sportpesa com login process is even simpler than that. After you create a SportPesa account, you can easily set your browser to remember the login details so that you could enter the casino in a matter of seconds.

SportPesa Bonus

If you ask regular casino players about what is the best part about any casino, they would definitely say – their bonuses. While some gaming platforms offer more generous bonuses, the others deliver smaller ones but more realistic to wager. SportPesa belongs to the latter category. They offer just $10 as a welcoming offer. However, you can easily wager the bonus and use it to your benefit.


There is a list of requirements for claiming the welcome bonus. The primary one is to create an account, which seems quite obvious. Secondly, your initial deposit shouldn’t be less than $10. The currency, and also the prices, may vary from country to country. One of the common requirements for SportPesa is to make a deposit using a card option (all the operations via e-wallets will not count). Also, you can pick the type of bonus you want to earn. They vary depending upon sports betting or casino offers. Being a devoted casino fan, you can pick 50 free spins instead.

The welcome bonus is not the only one you can claim. If you are a true enthusiast, then you can also benefit from the Cash drop. It is a bonus that you can apply weekly to win the biggest monthly prize – $1,000.

If you think about it, the welcome bonus from SportPesa seems like it leaves much to be desired, but in the long run, it is easier to clear and withdraw. Plus, the Cash drop is more than a generous offer too.

SportPesa Mobile

There is barely any person in the world who does not use an optimized smartphone in day-to-day life. That is why almost any website available in a desktop regime is suited for the mobile version, as well.

When it comes to popular bookmakers, it is clearly in their interest to provide players with a good mobile version of the website. We are going to admit that SportPesa login mobile variation is as

mobile icon

well-suited as the desktop one. Once you try to log into the SportPesa site using your portable device, you are suggested to enter the mobile mode straight away.

While on the site, you can select whether the sportsbook or casino is the option you need. Both options are well presented. All the main sports are placed right on the top of the screen so that you would not spend a lot of time to search for what you need. As for the SportPesa casino, the list of slots and other games may be a little limited, but there is still plenty to pick from, so no worries here.

The mobile version of the SportPesa is very responsive and neat, so you shouldn’t worry that it will freeze just in the middle of your betting process. However, a stable Internet connection is required, and you should ensure that in the first place.

SportPesa App

The SportPesa app download process won’t take you long. Besides, it does not matter if Android or iOS is the operating system you use. Both variations of the apps are presented; besides, the two of them are well-developed and secure.

Even though the app is great, it is not mandatory to download it since you can participate in any game or bet from your mobile browser, as well. To put it simply, SportPesa developers put a lot of thought into the usability and comfort of the platform so that most users can recognize it suitable and convenient.

SportPesa Banking

It is Kenya betting platform that we are talking about, so we are going to state the fact that there are two main options you can use to either deposit or withdraw funds from your account. They are Airtel and M-Pesa systems. Both banking methods do not involve additional charges, so you shouldn’t worry about that. Besides, it takes up to a couple of minutes for you to withdraw funds from your account using these methods.

If you are an international player, then such regular options as Visa or MasterCard or Neteller and Skrill are accepted by the vendor. Just like with Kenyan payment options, there are no fees added when you are about to withdraw your money.

Contacts and Support of SportPesa Kenya

If it happens so that any issues are arising as for the site operation or any other process, you can easily reach out to a Live support agent who will help you resolve the problem in no ti

me. If the

matter is not pressing, you can write an email to the customer support too. The UK residents can even reach the support team via telephone, although for Kenyans, such an option is not available.

There are some alternative ways of reaching out to the company. They involve actual address or social media pages.

SportPesaFacebook – SportPesaUk
SportPesaTwitter – @SportPesa_UK

SportPesa Kenya Address:

Nyaku House Argwings

Kodhek Road




SportPesa Kenya email –

Hopefully, these SportPesa tips will assist you in reaping the most benefit of the resource and spend quality time while betting with the bookmaker.


The main owner of the SportPesa platform is Ronald Kanauri. However, there are also nine other holders. Four of them, including Kanauri, share an equal percentage of the company.

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The depositing option may vary depending upon the country of residence. If you are a resident of Kenya, the best way to deposit some funds to a SportPesa account is to use Mpesa. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to Mpesa
  • Pick the Pay Bill option
  • Enter either 955100 or 955700 numbers
  • Use the SportPesa account number
  • Select the sum you wish to be deposited
  • Use your banking PIN
  • Confirm
  • Send
  • Wait until the payment is processed and accepted
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Just like with any other gambling platform, there is a bunch of personal information required when you choose to register with SportPesa. You shouldn’t be afraid to share the details with the given vendor since it is a trusted one. As to the process of registration, it is fairly simple. Besides, there are useful tips to lead you through it in case something seems unclear. For a Kenyan bettor, the registration is done via an SMS, while international users can use an online form that will take a couple of minutes to succeed with.

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The truth is that withdrawing from Sportpesa is very easy. However, there are also two ways you can do that if you reside in Kenya: either through an SMS or online. Bettors from other countries should consider the latter option.

Withdraw via SMS:

  • Compose a text message using the following format: W+Thesum you wish to withdraw+Your personal PIN.
  • Send the message to the following number – 79079
  • Confirm your action
  • Done

If you worry that there are some fees to be added to the sum you withdraw – there will be none.

Withdraw online

  • Visit your account
  • Choose the Withdrawal option
  • Enter the sum you wish to withdraw
  • Confirm the action

You will get your withdrawal processed and carried out within minutes.

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