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Betland is one of the best betting sites in Nigeria

Pros and Cons of Betland

As the name suggests, betland is one of the best betting sites in Nigeria. Over here, you can experience a wide range of activities that are conducive to punters. If you have not heard about betland, then we are here with a comprehensive review on it. Here are the pros and cons of betland in brief. To know more, keep reading:


Pros of betland

Here are the advantages of betland betting platform

  • Wide Range of Sports. Betland betting platform is a sports betting site where you will get an array of sports to bet. You can place wagers on cricket, Football, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, etc. There are many other sports which we might not have listed here.
  • High Maximum Deposite Acceptance. In many of the betting sites, it so happens that the maximum amount of deposit is rather low. However, betland is not at all like that here. You can deposit up to 10000000 NGN! It is quite high, and you will not have to go through the hassle of making deposits. Also, the minimum amount to be withdrawn is pretty low, which works as a double benefit. You will only have to have a balance of 25 NGN for withdrawal.
  • Compatible with All Platforms. Yet another great feature of betland is that you can access to this site from any operating system. If you are using a mobile, you can access it from any Android or Apple iPhone. If you are on a personal computer for betting, you can log in to betland from Windows or Mac OS.
  • Simple Registration Process. The registration process of this sports betting site is quite simple. You will have to click on ”join now ”and fill up a simple form that asks for your necessary credentials. You will also have to enter your contact detail on the form to make the registration process a successful one. Overall, it is a straightforward process and will not take more than 5 minutes of your time.
  • Excellent Customer Support. Excellent customer support is another advantage you get if you are a registered member of betland. If you have any queries regarding betting or any of the policies, you can contact the customer support of betland. They will help you regarding any query you might have regarding this betting site.


Cons of betland

Here are the cons of betland: 

  • No Mobile App Available. The first major drawback of betland is that there is no mobile app available. Many of us who wager from mobile want a mobile application for things to be easier. However, with betland, you will not get this benefit. You will have to go to the webpage and bet using your mobile directly.
  • Slightly High Withdrawal Fee. In terms of money bar regarding minimum withdrawal limit and maximum deposit, betland has taken a liberal approach. But you must know that the withdrawal fee betland charges are slightly higher than many other sites you will find. However, it is not enough to be a deal-breaker. Once you start making money, the sum will not look big.