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The Kenya Premier League is the official football league of Kenya

Football News: Kenyan Premier League, Betting Options and Best Kenyan Footballers

Africa has always been a massive supporter of football games. There are many national football teams in Africa. One such team is Kenya. It is a decent football team with a unified love for the sport.

People in Kenya love to watch football. They have their league called Kenyan Premier League. The Kenyan football tea emerged in 2000 and have become pretty strong by now.

People in Kenya also share a mutual liking for football betting. Most of the sports betting site that operates around the world cover the Kenyan Premier League as well.

Kenyan Premier League

It is the official football league of Kenya. There are total 18 teams in this league. It dates back to 1963. The first inaugural competition was held during that time. Nakuru All-Stars won the first match.

Recently Gor Mahia dominates the league. They have won many tiles in the game. They have won 3 matches in a row from 2013 to 2015. After that, they lost one season but won the league from 2017 to 2019. It is covered in local football news.

Football Betting Options

People in Kenya love to watch football

There are many football betting options in Kenya. If you love sports betting, you can bet on all
these leagues.

  • Domestic Cups: All the top football cups in Kenya compete amongst each other to win the domestic cup. There are three annual competitions. Out of all the cups, the most popular one is the President’s Cup. Then there is a Super Cup as well. The league winners compete with other champions to win the cup. You can place local football bets on the domestic matches.
  • Kenyan Premier League: There are 16 teams in the Kenyan Premier League. It takes place every year. It is the elite league where all the top teams play. Ever since the first match, the competition has increased. Gor Mahia is the top scorer in the KPL. It is a very popular option for betting. The local Kenyans love to bet on KPL.
  • International Football: Kenya has a national-level team which competes in International matches. It belongs to the African Football Confederation. The national team is known as Harambee Stars. They have never qualified for the FIFA World Cup. The last time they qualified for Africa Cup of Nations
    was 2004. They play friendlies, qualifiers as well as futures. You can bet on any of the regular
    season matches. The betting options are available on various betting sites.

Best Kenyan Footballers

Kenyan team is not as competitive as other African teams, but over the period of time, they have produced some pretty good players. Here are the best Kenyan footballers of all time.

  • McDonald Mariga: He is the first Kenyan player to become a part of UEFA League. He is a former defensive midfielder. He gave up because of several injuries.
  • Dennis Oliech: He was the first player to enter the Europe Leagues. He played the position of a Striker. Heplayed ten years with France. He had a great international career.
  • Victor Wanyama: He is the current captain of the Kenya National Football Team. He is a mid-fielder. He has beenplaying with the European League as well. In 2016, he started playing with Tottenham Hotspur. Currently, he is the best Kenyan footballer.