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mCheza is the leading betting platform on the Kenyan gambling market which offers it’s clients the most profitable terms and bonuses when compared with competitors. It was developed in December 2015 to involve Kenyans in the world of bets and jackpots. At first, mCheza system was based only on SMS bets, but then it was transformed into an Internet platform with a convenient interface and a variety of functions.

On the mCheza website, it is easy to find deposit and withdrawal buttons. Pay attention that these options are available only via MPESA mobile services. It is one of the best payment options in Kenya. Therefore, all money transfers are in safe hands. Other methods of depositing or withdrawal of money are not supported by the mCheza platform.

For the users’ convenience, developers have created a mCheza app that is available for both iOS and Android. You can find it on the Internet and download it absolutely for free. For live betting fans, mCheza created impressive live graphics showing the whole playing process with arrows and symbols online. For main African football matches, even online streaming is accessible.

The smallest possible mCheza bet amounts to KES 50. However, the maximum bet amount is usually limited. It is determined by the bet type and your previous winnings. You will be informed in case the amount allowed for you is exceeded. Then you have to reduce your bet or wait for a while. Sometimes limits can be changed together with odds. KES 5,000,000.00 is the biggest possible winning for one mCheza bet.

Nowadays, the platform is becoming available for other regions of South Africa. Punters from other countries are not allowed to deal with the system.

mCheza Kenya

Bookmaker services in Kenya are strictly regulated. Though it is not forbidden to play casino in the online mode or place bets in this country, not every organization manages to obtain the license. However, it has nothing to do with mCheza Kenya. The Betting Control and Licensing Board, an organization regulating the betting sphere in this country, gave mCheza Kenya a license № 686. It means that placing all possible bets on the mCheza Kenya website is fully legal.

Kenyan bookmaking platforms are extremely popular nowadays. Therefore, the emergence of the mCheza Kenya website in 2015 could not go unnoticed. It can be seen with the naked eye that this platform is a far cry from the competitors’ ones. A convenient and well-organized interface, a wide variety of functions, and profitable bonuses make mCheza Kenya the leader of the betting sphere in this region. Furthermore, the high availability of mCheza app, as well as the option of live betting, make the competitors fall behind.

mCheza Login and Registration

The process of mCheza registration does not require too much time or effort. Thanks to the well-developed system, it is sufficient to follow the website instructions which are described in detail in the section “General Terms and Conditions”. In addition, the mCheza registration does not put any obligations on you. You are not forced to pay money for your account creation, as well as deposit money and place some bets immediately after registration. Pay attention that you are not allowed to take part in any betting activity on mCheza Kenya in case your account is not created or verified.

You can easily find the mCheza login and registration functions on the website top. To create your account, use one of the following variants:

  • Register by SMS;
  • Register online on the site.

mCheza Registreation

The first variant requires the usage of a special mCheza paybill. It is a unique code for this platform. The mCheza paybill is known as 295525. All you need to do is just send a message containing “mCheza” to this number. Then you will obtain a reply with a short pin consisting of 4 symbols. It means that your account is created. However, you are not allowed to use it unless the verification is completed. Therefore, find a mCheza login option on the website and provide your phone number as a login and numbers from the message as a password. Then you may be asked to write some personal data for avoiding rules violation.

For online registration, make the following steps:

  • Select the registration option on the website;
  • Fill in all obligatory fields. They include first and last names, date of birth, address, phone number, and a valid email. In addition, potential players need to create their own mCheza login and password for further usage. These data are general facts about a person that help to determine whether he or she meets all mCheza requirements. For instance, it is impossible to register and use the site if you are under 18 since it is forbidden by the Kenyan legislation. Email and phone number should be specified for recovering a password in case it is lost.
  • Then you will obtain a message with a special code that you have to write in a given field for your number verificatio.
  • Confirm the currency. The mCheza platform deals only with KES.
  • Press the mCheza login button to finish the registration and start using your account.

If your account is already registered and verified, the log-in process takes just a few seconds. All you need to do is just enter your login and password determined during the registration. Then your account main page will be opened automatically.

mCheza Bonus

The mCheza team really appreciates each and every player. Therefore, it provides them with a perfect opportunity of getting some bonuses or privileges. Subscribers are usually disappointed about the absence of a mCheza bonus for registration. However, there are a lot of other advantages.

Invite your friends to join the mCheza family and get a special bonus. But pay attention that your mCheza bonus for friends will become accessible only when they complete the registration and make at least three bets.

Another great privilege is a multibet mCheza bonus. The name speaks for itself. For getting this privilege you have to achieve success in a multibet. The minimum number of bets is five, and the smallest odd reaches 1.5. The more selections you have, the more money you are able to earn. For instance, you can earn only 10% of extra money for 5 selections and 50% for 10 successful bets.

mcheza bonus 50%

Undoubtedly, one of the most profitable advantages is a mCheza daily jackpot bonus. It gives all the players a chance of becoming a millionaire. This bonus covers only football matches. The prize value usually amounts to several millions of Kenyan shillings. The mCheza jackpot involves 13 various football matches selected from 277 leagues. The matches can be taken from AFCON, UEFA Champions League, German, English or Italian ones. All you need to do for getting the mCheza daily jackpot is just anticipate the results of at least ten of them. If there are several people who managed to forecast everything properly, the mCheza jackpot will be parted between all of them.

mCheza Mobile Version

It is not always convenient to use a computer or laptop for betting. When you do not have access to them, you can use your smartphone or tablet. mCheza developers try to take care of all users. Therefore, a mobile variant of the website was created.

In general, it has identical functions to the full version. You also need to log in for the purpose of using your account and placing some bets. If you have used the full version before, you will not feel a strong difference. It is rather convenient to place bets via a device that is always at your fingertips. The mobile version works without interruption or protracted downloads for both iOS and Android. The general terms of mCheza service do not depend on the version type.

mCheza App

Mcheza mobile app

If you are a constant user of mCheza services, it would be much more convenient to download a special application that has been recently developed. A mCheza app is absolutely free for downloading, and you can easily find it on open Internet resources. It has several advantages:

  • It is supported by iOS and Android. So you can download it for any smartphone or tablet.
  • It is easy to find. You can just browse the Web for this app and download it from any site. If you cannot manage to do this, use the mobile variant of the mCheza website, and you will be recommended to download the application. Then, you will obtain a special link. So, just follow it and take all the necessary steps. Pay attention that it is impossible to get the app from the Apple Store or PlayMarket. Therefore, your phone may require some special set-ups to give you access to downloading the app from an unknown site.
  • The app has a convenient interface. You do not need to make much effort and look for any option or information. The style and content of the mCheza application coincide with the full website version.
  • The application is fully tested. It is absolutely harmless for your device. Nevertheless, try to download it from reliable sources.
  • The bets are made by the same principle. No noticeable changes are observed.

mCheza Banking

The only banking system supported by the mCheza platform is M-Pesa. It is an online payment service developed specifically for Kenyans in 2007. It dealt only with microfinancial organizations. Over several years, it has developed into the biggest and most popular mobile payment system in that region. Due to its development, M-Pesa now is used not only in Kenya, but also in Tanzania, Afghanistan and South Africa. Therefore, it is a safe, tested and reliable method of payment.

The usage of the M-Pesa service is impossible without a special paybill. It was mentioned above that the mCheza paybill is known as 295525. This code is necessary for both depositing and withdrawing money. The M-Pesa application should be downloaded on your smartphone for further work. Other banking systems are not supported by the mCheza service.

Contacts and Support of mCheza Kenya

mCheza Kenya is known for its dedication to their customers. The staff of professionals has developed a wide mCheza contacts system which helps players find answers to all their questions. They are ready to respond whenever you really need it.

The simplest way to learn some peculiarities is to look at the FAQ section. In most cases, you will find all necessary answers and explanations there. This section on the mCheza platform is developed rather for beginners since it contains a lot of simple but important questions that were frequently asked by other people. If you still have a question, use one of the following mCheza contacts:

  • Call on the mCheza lines: +254 (0) 709 229 888 or +254 (0) 780 229 888.
  • Use the advantage of live chatting with mCheza managers. They are accessible around the clock. Give some necessary data to begin the communication: name and email.
  • Ask all questions via email Polite and responsible representatives of mCheza Support Service will give you a fast and detailed reply.
  • Talk with mCheza staff through various social networks. What is more, you can find other players and share your experience there.

mCheza FAQ

mCheza has a perfect option of betting with the help of SMS. It can be rather convenient in case you have no Internet connection. The process of placing a bet in this way will take just a few seconds. However, you need to understand certain details. SMS for placing a bet consists of three main parts:

  • a match special code;
  • your prediction;
  • a betting sum.

A code for every event will be specified on the website or in your application. It consists only of numbers. Your prediction should be written with special symbols. For instance, “1” is used to show the team winning at home while “2” – winning away from home. “X” is a symbol for showing a draw. The betting sum is an amount of money deposited for this bet. All parts should be divided with a “#” sign.

If you deal with a usual bet that involves one event, send an SMS with all parts written in a proper sequence to the number 29888. This SMS should look in the following way: 255#2#200. In case your bet is multiple, repeat the process just dividing the bets with a “#” symbol. For example, it can be 234#1#2365#X#232#2#150.

Then you will get a message validating your actions. Check thoroughly whether everything coincides with your data. The mCheza service will point out what is your possible winning and how much money is left on your account. If you need to look at your balance, you also can do it via SMS. Send “Balance” to 29888 and get a result.

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Before getting the opportunity of placing a mCheza bet, you have to deposit some money to your own account. The deposit process does not require any additional fees as well as too much effort. Do the following to deposit:

  • Open your own mCheza account;
  • Find the Deposit option;
  • Write down the title of your account – MCHEZA;
  • Fill in the paybill that is known as 295525;
  • Determine the sum of your deposit;
  • Give your phone number;
  • Validate your actions with the help of messages sent by mCheza and M-Pesa;
  • Wait till the deposit process is fully completed;
  • You will obtain an email or message validating that your deposit is accepted;
  • Use deposited money to make a new bet.
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You have to anticipate the scores of at least ten out of thirteen determined football matches taken from different leagues. As practice shows, it is really possible to win several millions of Kenyan shillings in such an easy way. The highest jackpot win reaches 24.8 million Kenyan shillings. The lucky man was a usual engineer from Kenya, John Manase. The main recommendation of the new millionaire was to place bets soberly after a thorough analysis.

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The withdrawal process is probably the issue that concerns a majority of mCheza players. Therefore, the developers tried to simplify the process as much as possible. However, it is of primary importance to withdraw money not only quickly but also safely. The speed of withdrawal is provided by M-Pesa usage, and safety is achieved due to verifications and confirmations you have to come through during the process.

Follow these simple steps for having your money withdrawn:

  • Go to the mCheza main website;
  • Find the Amount section;
  • Select the Withdrawal option;
  • The mCheza paybill is known as 295525;
  • Fill in your phone number;
  • Determine the sum of money you are willing to withdraw;
  • Wait till you get emails or messages from mCheza and M-Pesa about successful process completion;
  • Wait up for approximately 12 hours till you receive money.
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