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Betin KenyaBetting is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. People obtain the opportunity not only to watch their favourite sport disciplines but also to demonstrate some skills of analytical thinking, try their luck and at the same time, win some money. Africa is not an exception. It has its own popular bookmaking companies and sites which are really worth attention. Certainly, the top bookmaker in Africa is Betin Kenya.

The Betin gaming and betting site was created in 2010 specifically for the Kenyan population. Therefore, punters from other countries are prohibited to join Betin. The main page has a well-organized interface, so there are no difficulties in depositing and withdrawing money, making a bet or finding a necessary game. For these purposes, a Betin Kenya app for your phone (both iOS and Android) is available. Betin Kenya mobile version is provided with identical functions if compared with the original one.

All payments connected to this site for bets are conducted very quickly and successfully. It may be explained by the usage of M-Pesa, certainly the most widely used and reliable payment system in Kenya. Today, Airtel Money and bank transfer methods sometimes are also applied for transactions.

A comparative advantage of Betin is the function of placing live bets. It implies that you can make your decision and then observe how that match is going on. Moreover, it is even possible to determine what to bet after watching several minutes or even a part of the match when the odds are particularly profitable.

The Betin service is rather client-oriented. It implies that proposed limits are not so radical. For example, the minimal sum of any contribution amounts to only KSh 50. It is allowable to make as large deposit as you wish. However, pay attention that you are prohibited to obtain more than KSh 70,000 in one go.

Betin Kenya License

Bookmaking and casino websites in Kenya are strictly supervised and function exclusively in accordance with the legislation. This country’s laws do not prohibit playing in a casino and particularly placing bets. However, any bookmaker or casino has to meet all requirements and follow obligatory regulations with a view to obtaining permission.

Usual and mobile Betin versions are absolutely legal in Kenya. It is acknowledged by an appropriate license given by the Betting Control and Licensing Board, a special organization in Kenya that is obliged to supervise all processes and sites connected with betting or gaming. The Betin app can be downloaded as an alternative without any restrictions and law violations. It should be mentioned that placing bets with Betin, Betin registration and usage of its apps is available only in Kenya. Not long ago, Betin Uganda was also created.

Not all Kenyan bookmakers can boast such a reputation. Therefore, more and more people entrust their money and luck to the Betin mobile Kenya system. There is no doubt that this service is a cut above other bookmaking brands. The Betin mobile application has a convenient interface, which is rather important for punters. For example, they do not need too much time to insert Betin Kenya login and password since they can be saved automatically. Furthermore, the company provides its clients with various bonuses and free privileges while Betin employees are pleased to help and support them round the clock.

Betin Login and Registration

The process of Betin registration does not require specific knowledge or skills. You need just a few clicks and several minutes to set up your own profile. You are always able to learn about the Betin login and registration processes in detail on their main page in the part “General Terms and Conditions”. A key benefit is that after registration and login, Betin service does not require you to part with your money immediately. You are in a position to do it whenever you want and as much as you can afford. Pay attention, before producing any activity on Betin, log in on the already registered profile. Otherwise, your bets cannot be accepted.

You can register your profile applying one of the following methods:

  • Activation online on the official Betin site;
  • Registration via SMS.

There is absolutely no difficulty in finding the registration option on Betin. You will definitely catch sight of it once you look at the frontpage. Choose this option, and you will obtain a form, which is obligatory to fill in. It contains the following data:

  • Gender;
  • Country;
  • City;
  • County;
  • Address;
  • Telephone numbers;
  • Promotion code (if it is available).

Then you have to look through the Terms and Conditions, get familiarized with Betin policy and rules of responsible gaming. Confirm your agreement with all the requirements by choosing the appropriate option. Pay attention, you cannot set up a profile on Betin service if you are under the legal age since it is prohibited by Kenyan legislation. In addition, it is forbidden to modify your personal information. It implies that in case you possess an old Betin profile and have an intention to edit some private data, the service will forbid this action. Therefore, fill in the registration form carefully. When your profile is created, type your Betin Kenya mobile login and confidential password to begin placing your bets.

The second method is as easy as ABC. It consists of only two simple steps:

  • Texting an SMS containing only one word “Join” to a special number 29456;
  • Obtaining an answer with your confidential password.

This SMS means that your profile has already been created. For the successful Betin mobile login process, apply your phone number as a login and use a confidential pin instead of a password. Then your profile is ready for usage. However, the platform can require you to give some necessary data to assure that you follow all the rules.

If you are registered on Betin Kenya, login account process takes only a few seconds. Betin login Kenya button is located on the frontpage of the official site. Just select it, type your data and your profile will be opened.

Betin Bonuses and Privileges for Clients

The Betin team pays as much attention to every client as possible. Its main purpose is to make everyone feel satisfied with the service and betting results. Therefore, Betin Kenya provides its clients with various freebet bonuses which make them much closer to winnings or even jackpots.

Probably, the best of available bonuses is a Karibu one. It is a welcome privilege. This implies that this bonus can be received and applied only by just registered clients. It provides a user with 50% of his or her initial deposit which should be not less than KSh 300 and not more than KSh 10,000. When you type your Betin Kenya login, the mobile app or original website will offer you to present a special code. It is necessary to apply a pay bill number that is 997270. Such bills are also used for making a deposit and withdrawing money. In order to obtain the bonus, you need to make a bet of any type with a total odd of 3.00 or more. It may be a multibet or a single one. When the bet is placed, 50% of your contribution will be soon paid back.

Another great privilege is a daily Betin bonus. This type of dividends is even more advantageous than a previous one since it helps you receive some money back every day. The Betin old mobile system did not have such an option. All you have to do is deposit only KSh 99 (no more and no less). As a result, you will obtain another KSh 10. So, you will be able to make a bet with KSh 109. There are no other limits or specific rules. The sum is not extremely large but free money every day is a good advantage.

Every week you are also in a position to win a huge jackpot. However, it does not as easy as it may seem at first glance. The terms are rather simple. Betin selects 13 various matches, and you have to anticipate their scores. Make sure there is at least KSh 99 available in your profile. Even if you manage to predict at least 10, 11 or 12 match scores, you will definitely achieve some prizes. The jackpot usually accounts for approximately KSh 20 million.

Betin Mobile Version

According to statistics, approximately 90% of Betin bets are placed by users from smartphones or tablets. This fact is rather predictable since it is considerably easy and more convenient than to use a computer. You are able to make a bet wherever you are and at any appropriate moment. Therefore, Betin has set up a mobile version of the site, which is just as great as the usual one. Moreover, it is regularly updated, so new functions are constantly added. For instance, an old Betin mobile version did not provide clients with live bets option, and now it is seamless.

It works successfully for both iOS and Android systems and supports any type of Internet connection including LTE, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. In case you do not have the connection, text an SMS to place a bet. It implies that this version is absolutely mobile-friendly. The concept and interface were not altered dramatically if compared to the usual version. So if you used a computer version before, you will not feel a difference. All rules and terms do not depend on the chosen Betin version.

Betin Application

It usually takes too much time to browse the Betin site, log in, make a deposit and then a bet, especially if you do all these operations on your phone. It is much more convenient if you install a special application. And Betin provides its customers with such an opportunity. Bettin application has a lot of advantages:

  • It is similarly used for both iOS and Android operational systems.
  • It can be downloaded without difficulty. You can find a link for downloading on any website connected with Betin Kenya. If you did not cope with this, address the Betin Kenya site and use a direct link there. The application download and usage is absolutely for free.
  • It has a thoroughly organized interface. The app design has a lot in common with the website. All information and functions are divided into sections. So, you can find all you wish rather quickly and seamlessly.
  • It cannot cause harm to your gadget since it is tested and licensed.

You can use this app with a view to placing a bet on your favourite kinds of sports very quickly. The assortment of sports is large enough, consisting of football, basketball, tennis, baseball, cricket, rugby and so on. On top of it, the Betin app and, certainly, its website provide clients with a chance not only to make some bets but also to play various slots. Betin today games include roulette, Black Jack, Poker, etc. In general, there are 37 casino games accessible.

What is more, there is a beneficial chance of joining the Betin League. It is an example of virtual football games that is actually considered the fastest in the whole world. It implies that a matchday in the game, which consists of ten matches, lasts just two minutes. For trying your luck in Betin League, login to your profile or just avail of the app is necessary. You can also find many Betin League tricks on the site for improving your skills.

Betin Banking System

As it was mentioned above, not all banking systems are supported by Betin Kenya. In general, two systems are accepted without any difficulties:

  • M-Pesa;
  • Airtel Money.

Both of them are widely used in Kenya. Therefore, it is rather convenient for local punters. M-Pesa is an online banking system developed in 2007 for Kenyans. Nowadays, it is probably the number one system, which reliability causes no doubts. It is also used in Tanzania, South Africa and Afghanistan. M-Pesa is applied only with the Betin paybill – 997279. It is impossible to contribute or withdraw money without it. Make sure that M-Pesa app is downloaded on your gadget for further work.

Airtel Money is a mobile service which helps users conduct various banking operations, such as withdrawing, depositing or transferring money. This payment system is also tested and reliable. A Betin paybill is necessary as well. However, for the Airtel Money system, it is a little different – 997270. Other payment systems are not supported by the Betin service.

Contacts and Support of Betin Kenya

Betin Kenya service works exclusively for its customers. The Betin team is always ready to help any client. If you wish to learn any information, look for it on the site. As a general matter, all important questions are already answered in the FAQs part. If you have other controversial issues, apply to Betin employees for qualified help. There are several ways how to connect with the Betin support team:

  • Call on the hot-lines of the Betin service by 0709942101; 0709942103; 0709942102. All numbers are day-and-night accessible.
  • Write an e-mail:
  • Find some information in Twitter: @BetinKenyaHelp.
  • Connect with a support manager in a special chat which is available from 7.00 to 23.00.

All Betin employees are very patient and polite. They will provide you with precious tips, which will help you achieve success in betting.


There are not many data concerning Betin Kenya owners. It may seem strange, but they are not Kenyans and do not even live in Africa. Betin owners are from Italy. They are millionaires and at the same time work as the managing directors of the company. Their names are Leandro Giovando and Domenico Giovando. Some data also confirm that Domenico Giovando works simultaneously as a Eurobet Italia Srl managing director.

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It is permitted to contribute money to Betin Kenya profile only by two payment methods: M-Pesa and Airtel Money. As applied to the first system, open your M-Pesa profile, find the section “Lipa Na M-Pesa“ and then choose the “Betin Paybill“ button. Type the paybill 997279, then Betin Kenya as a name and select a sum of money you decided to contribute.

For Airtel Money, you have to find an option of making a payment, then choose the paybill section and click on “Other”. Enter the paybill 997270 and the sum of your deposit. Confirm your actions.

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Visit the Betin Kenya site and select a registration button. Fill in all obligatory data including your address, gender, telephone number, etc. Read and agree with general terms and conditions. Confirm your actions. According to Kenyan legislation, you have to be at least 18 years old to set up a profile. Then log in and use all available functions.

Another method implies sending a short SMS containing one word “Join” to 29456. Then you will obtain an answer with your new code which will become your password. Consequently, a phone number will replace your login.

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It is permitted to withdraw money only online or by SMS. The first option requires entering your Betin profile and clicking “Withdraw money”. When you confirm your decision, the money will be transferred immediately. When this operation is over, you should obtain an appropriate SMS.

If you have a necessity of withdrawing money by using an SMS, just text a specific message to 29456. It should contain the sum of money which you decided to get and, of course, your password. If the operation passed successfully, you should get an SMS with a confirmation.

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