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betPawa KenyaOnline betting is becoming increasingly popular all across Africa at this moment. Thousands of sports enthusiasts enjoy testing their luck by betting on favorite teams and players. Football, basketball, tennis and many more! Today it is extremely easy to take part in betting without even leaving your own house. Various online services have enhanced this competitive experience. You can not only bet on your faves but also enjoy tips and bonuses. Sports lovers all across the continents unite over their passion at any moment they wish to have a great time and also gain money in the process.

  1. The Owners and the Foundation

Kresten Buch together with Pierre Vendelboe and Rasmus Hansen founded BetPawa in 2014. The owners have no less than thirty years of experience in the sports betting industry. They have created an incredibly successful and quickly developing company that already unites many countries and only continues to grow.

  1. BetPawa Countries

The enterprise functions in such countries: Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Ghana. BetPawa has already turned into the most beloved and profitable betting website in these countries. Having such a broad coverage adds to the uniting experience, which is so much valued in sports betting. Moreover, it is not necessary to be a citizen of any of these countries if you desire to make bets through BetPawa. Having some kind of residency document will be enough.

  1. Deposit and Withdrawal Options

For the purpose of making betting accessible for everyone, there are multiple deposit choices. You will be required to deposit money first. Then you will be capable of spending it on the services and features included. In general, a user can pay in through an ATM Card, MTN Mobile Money, M-PESA, Airtel Money, etc. Using the BetPawa paybill number is also possible.

Withdrawal is also as easy as depositing. You may withdraw the amount needed without any difficulties via an ATM Card, MTN Mobile Money, M-PESA, Airtel Money or other ways. Check the options available in your country. BetPawa representatives make sure to involve the most practical, popular and accessible methods.

  1. The Minimum Stakes and Maximum Wins

The minimum stake is influenced by your country. For BetPawa Ug (Uganda), it is 1 UGX (shilling); for Nigeria, it is one Naira; for Kenya, it is one Kshs (Kenya shilling), etc. The highest win also depends on where are you from. Ugandans can win one hundred million shillings; the biggest amount for Tanzanians is twenty-five million shillings; one hundred thousand kwacha is a maximum prize for Zambians, etc. Thousands of people have already gotten their wins.

  1. BetPawa Mobile

Making betting even more accessible and fast is the main priority for BetPawa. For this reason, the mobile variant of the site is optimized in a manner to provide the best experience possible. There are no mobile apps yet; however, the mobile variant of this website is absolutely convenient.

  1. Placing Live Bets with BetPawa

Live betting is among the most popular options offered by BetPawa. This is a game-changer for many sports aficionados. It enables users to place bets in a real-time environment while the match is in the progress. Combined with the possibility to bet from your smartphone, this makes a unique and vivid experience.

BetPawa Kenya

BetPawa grows in popularity across Africa every day and especially in Kenya. Kenyan bettors consider BetPawa to be the best and most successful betting website up to date. All the benefits that this site offers to its users make it stand out among other similar companies.

The BetPawa website has separate versions for each country it works in. You can effortlessly choose your location at the end of the webpage by picking ‘Change’ and selecting a necessary country.

BetPawa Kenya is a legitimate enterprise that was operating under a license and in accordance with all the laws and conditions. Currently, the owners are working on renewing this license to continue providing betting services to their Kenyan clients.

BetPawa Login and Registering

BetPawa registration is simple and safe. It will not take much time to create a profile: however, your individual data will be protected appropriately.

  1. Making a new profile

Setting up a profile is free, but you will be required to take a few following steps:

  • Open an Internet browser on your device (PC, smartphone, laptop, etc.);
  • Search for the platform’s official site and open it up;
  • Press ‘Menu’ in the corner;
  • Select ‘Join Now’;
  • Write your telephone number;
  • Come up with a secure password consisting of 6 or more letters and numbers;
  • Fill in your real name;
  • Pick your exact whereabouts;
  • Pick your nationality and NIN (National Identification Number). Any non-Kenyan user will need to submit another type of identification document. For example, your non-resident ID or a refugee identity document. Various documents like your address and certain bills might require confirmation as well;
  • Accept the term and conditions of using the BetPawa services;
  • Now your profile is activated!


  1. The procedure of BetPawa login Kenya

The BetPawa Kenya login requires the following steps:

  • Open an Internet browser on your device (PC, smartphone, laptop, etc.);
  • Search ‘’ and open the website;
  • Press the ‘Menu’ in the corner;
  • Select ‘Log In’;
  • Write your telephone number, which you entered during registration;
  • Write your security password;
  • Press ‘Log In’;
  • You have entered BetPawa log in Kenya!

Even if you have forgotten the password, it can be changed without any difficulties. To reset the password, you should enter the website, press the ‘Log In’ button, insert your telephone number and pick the ‘Forgot password?’ option. They will send a special code in a message to your device. After receiving the code, you will be required to enter it in the corresponding field and create a fresh password.

BetPawa Bonus

The biggest advantage that attracts sports bettors from various countries is those bonuses that BetPawa offers. There is no freebet at the moment. But despite the absence of BetPawa free bet, there are various types of bonuses granted with the intention to make your betting much more fun and profitable:

  • Jackpots – there are two kinds of those prizes provided on BetPawa. One of them involves the BetPawa jackpot prediction of thirteen winners. This BetPawa jackpot is held midweek. This means you can even play the BetPawa jackpot this week. Another kind of BetPawa jackpot games requires selecting seventeen winners. This is not an easy task; however, in case of winning you will be paid If you are feeling that this is your lucky day, you can try a lucky coupon for a BetPawa prediction. Winning this one grants a big BetPawa jackpot bonus;
  • Referral bonuses – these bonuses are created to encourage those clients who attract new bettors to the website by telling them about the platform. This way its team expresses their gratitude towards the users that help them improve and grow. However, they reserve the right to refuse to pay off the referral bonuses to people suspected of violating the platform’s rules. Any type of deceptive conduct is not allowed. This involves creating fake accounts in order to receive the referrals; creating accounts using the phone numbers of the people that do not know about this; inserting incorrect phone numbers, etc.
  • Win bonuses – this bonus comes in a percentage accumulated from the number of legs in a multi-bet. The more legs are included, the higher is your bonus percentage. For example: with three legs, you can get a 3% bonus; with five legs – 10% bonus; with 20 legs – 100% bonus and so on. Thirty legs will grant you a shocking 250% bonus! In case a certain game within your multi-bet is delayed or even cancelled, it will not be included in the total number of legs. Nevertheless, the platform wants to provide the finest experience for their clients. Even if one of the games gets cancelled, they allow your bonus to remain the same. As an example, in the event that one of the games in your 200% bet gets cancelled, you will still receive a 200% bonus. However, if two of the matches are cancelled, your bonus will decrease.

BetPawa Mobile

The most important feature of the BetPawa site is its mobile version. The company focuses on quick, simple and mobile betting. This is exactly why the mobile variant of the site is truly user-friendly and intuitive.

The majority of betting services prioritize their websites being viewed on a computer and create their mobile versions afterwards. BetPawa, on the other hand, uses its mobile version to develop the computer variant.

BetPawa website is easily accessible from any device via your preferred browser. This mobile version is sufficient to support all the services offered by BetPawa, while retaining an easy-to-operate design.

You can place your bets even on the go, owing to the mobile website. It is easy to pick all the necessary bets in any selection. You will also have the ability to view all your selections in the bet slip.

To start placing bets, registration is required. The procedure of registering is exactly the same as in the desktop version. This means you will not be required to have access to a computer in order to create your profile. It is possible to make a new profile via your phone or a laptop and begin betting. The same goes for deposits and withdrawals. The money can be deposited and withdrawn via telephone services.

There are also a few gambling games available at BetPawa. Such games are rarely supported in mobile versions. However, BetPawa made sure to optimize these games as well in order to provide all the possibilities for mobile users.

BetPawa App

Currently, there are no available mobile apps for BetPawa. For some other betting services this could be deemed as a flaw, but not in this scenario. Even without BetPawa app download, the developers made sure to create a fine mobile experience by optimizing the mobile variant of the website. Accessing this website from a smartphone or other device cannot get any more convenient. Every feature presented on the site is there. The user-friendly layout and design help to have simple access to all matches possible.

Overall, the developers of BetPawa had put a lot of thought into creating a functional mobile website. Their main intention is to allow all the bettors to enjoy quick and effortless access to any matches needed. Often we do not have an opportunity to use a computer right away when a game starts. Having such a convenient mobile website solves this problem.

BetPawa Banking

Serving users in various countries BetPawa owners made sure to provide a wide range of banking options. According to your state, you will be offered to pick from a bunch of payment and withdrawal methods available. Some of these methods are:

  • MTN Mobile Money – this is a service of mobile transactions. This method is one of the fastest and most convenient because you will only need a mobile phone instead of going to the nearest bank or ATM;
  • Airtel Money – another quick mobile payment This allows paying for the services digitally using BetPawa paybill instead of cash;
  • M-PESA – this option is available for Kenyan This allows you to transfer money quickly and safely via your mobile device. You can pay your BetPawa bill in a few clicks;
  • ATM Card – you can use your MasterCard, Visa or Verve bank card in to perform transactions with BetPawa;
  • TigoPesa – this is a fast transfer service. You can download the TigoPesa application to execute quick transactions on the go.

Contacts and support of BetPawa Kenya

BetPawa is proud to provide 24/7 support to the website users. Kenyan bettors are able to contact BetPawa representatives immediately at any time of day and night. The BetPawa customer support is designed in a way that allows bettors to receive help at any time of need without having to wait on the line or trying to contact someone from customer support staff many times.

There are enough ways to get in touch with BetPawa and receive help or give your feedback. The wide array of alternatives for BetPawa contacts is provided in order to make contacting BetPawa accessible for everyone:

Whatsapp: 0707 097 883

Facebook profile:

Twitter page:

E-mail address:

Company address: The Mirage, Tower 2 Level M2, Office #1,Chiromo Road,Westlands, Nairobi, 00800

Postal address: PO Box 14941,Westlands, Nairobi 00800.

BetPawa FAQ

BetPawa is created and owned by professionals in betting and finance industries. Kresten Buch, Rasmus Hansen, and Pierre Vendelboe boast many years of expertise in providing competitive sports betting services. They make sure to improve BetPawa every year, so more and more betting enthusiasts can enjoy their services. Every BetPawa website operates under a legal license, allowing safe and transparent betting for the users.

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In order to deposit money, you will have to register on this website. After completing the registration and logging into your account, please take the following steps:

  1. Click the ‘Menu’ button;
  2. Select the ‘Deposit’ option;
  3. Choose your preferred payments from a list. Depending on your country, there will be different methods available;
  4. Write the amount of money you have decided to pay;
  5. Follow the instructions provided for your deposit method;
  6. Confirm the deposit with a code received via an SMS;
  7. After the affirmation, the amount needed will be stored in your profile.
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The process of BetPawa registration Kenya is quick and simple. Here is the short guide on how to create a new account:

  1. Search BetPawa via your Internet browser;
  2. Open the BetPawa;
  3. Pick ‘Menu’ on the top;
  4. Select ‘Join Now’;
  5. Insert your valid mobile telephone number, come up with a secure password and provide all the necessary personal data;
  6. After activating your profile, you will be able to do a BetPawa log in using your telephone number.
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Depending on your country, you will be presented with various options for withdrawal. In order to withdraw money, you should do this:

  1. Open the BetPawa website;
  2. Log into your profile;
  3. Press ‘Menu’;
  4. Select ‘Withdrawal’;
  5. Enter the necessary data and insert the quantity;
  6. Choose ‘Request Payout’.
  7. Wait for the operation to be processed.
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